The next generation of digestate treatment

Our treatment process significantly improves profitability, is active groundwater protection and sustainable resource management.

agriFer® Plus

From digestate to valuable resources

Our innovative Process
for digestate treatment

The storage and use of slurry and digestate is leading to an increasing financial burden for biogas plant operators. Most of the processes currently available on the market work on volume reduction and concentration of nutrients. So far, however, no process has been able to remove excess nitrogen from agriculture.


The innovative agriKomp complete treatment process
offers an economical solution to the nitrate problem with simultaneous volume reduction. In this process, nitrogen- containing digestate is treated by an evaporation process in combination with reverse osmosis.


Compared to existing processes, valuable nutrients are obtained in the form of marketable products. The concept is also characterised by high environmental compatibility, as the addition of chemical additives have been reduced by 90 %. Our treatment process significantly improves profitability, protects groundwater and offers sustainable resource management.

utilization of digestate

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