In the separation technology, the digestate is removed by means of a separator and divided into a liquid and a solid phase.

originals - built to las- since 2002

Our Quetschprofi® is the “original” among the seperators.
Since 2007: More storage capacity due to separation with our Quetschprofi®


separating instead of complex mixing

Reliable and economical separation

With the help of the innovative Quetschprofi® separation technology, digestate can be processed economically up to a desired dry matter content of over 25 percent. Every biogas plant can be optionally equipped with a Quetschprofi®. This enables seamless retrofitting of the plant for value-added utilisation of the digestate.

The substrate is fed via an eccentric screw pump that pulls in the substrate. A robust press screw drives the substrate through a rigidly mounted, fixed slotted filter screen and presses it against the press cone. As a result, the liquid part of the substrate is drained off via the slotted filter screen. The solid part is conveyed out towards the front against the press cone. The minimal distance between the press screw and the slotted filter screen ensures low wear and a long service life of the screen. The dry matter content of the solid fraction can be adjusted from 15 % to over 25 % by means of the infinitely variable contact pressure, which can provide up to 15 % additional storage capacity. Due to the low connected load of the electric motor, the system works in a very energy-saving way.

The "Plus" variation for that little extra

Quetschprofi® Plus

Highest throughput & separation efficiency

Our High Performer

The Quetschprofi® Plus is the ideal choice for areas where high performance and reliability are required. It is the high performer among the separators and was specially developed for applications where high performance in terms of throughput and separation efficiency is absolutely essential. For example, for larger biogas-, biowaste- and industrial plants as well as in sewage treatment plants.
With the innovative Quetschprofi® Plus, digestate can be processed economically up to a desired dry matter content of up to 30 %. The stainless steel housing guarantees the best stability. The enlargement of the housing, the sieve and the press screw by 100 mm enables a significantly higher throughput capacity of 10 % – 25 % compared to our Quetschprofi®.

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