Feeding system

The solid feed Vielfraß® developed by agriKomp is specifically designed to meet the challenges of NaWaRo application – uncomplicated and reliable.

originals - built to las- since 2002
Free choice of feed is available since 2003 with our Vielfraß®!
In order to be able to vary the substrates to be placed, it is becoming increasingly important to select a placement technique that can also handle substrates that are difficult to convey without any problems.


Unique due to the rich variety!


Trouble-free feeding of the digester is a challenge for technology. For example, renewable greens often contain stones and sand, which can increase wear and malfunctions. Feeding solid manure and long-fibre grass silage can also push some technology to its limits. The Vielfraß® ECO solids feeding system developed by agriKomp is specially designed to meet these challenges. The basic principle is two counter-rotating screws with knives, also called dissolving screws, which ensure loosening and mixing of the substrate.


The Vielfraß® ECO can be individually adapted to the system size by installing extension modules. The Vielfraß® ECO can be expanded with up to 4 extension rings to a capacity of up to 13 m3.

Our variants with push-off trays offer even more feed volume. Additional feed options allow adaptation to the most diverse substrate conditions. If, for example, more than 50 % solid manure is fed, the Vielfraß® can also be equipped with an additional third disintegrating screw with fangs. Our Vielfraß® LEF, which works with moving floor / walking floor technology, can also be equipped with a Premix unit.

gigantic and rich in variety

Vielfraß® ECO (5m3)

The robust solid feeder Vielfraß® ECO 5 m³ is specially designed for farm-based small-scale biogas plants and small feed quantities. It is a cost-effective variant for batch feeding without longer storage capacity. Optionally, the capacity can be increased up to 13 m³ with extension rings. A disintegrating screw unit with knives is available as an option and can also be retrofitted and is absolutely necessary when the storage volume is expanded.

Vielfraß® ECO

The Vielfraß® Standard is available as a basic model with 11 m3 capacity. The standard scope of delivery includes 3 extension rings and the two disintegrating screws with knives; this means you can already feed demanding substrates with the standard version. Numerous options make the Vielfraß® ECO your individual solids feeding system: You can expand it to 13 m3 capacity with the forth attachment ring and equip it with a scale, platform and additional display. All screws are optionally available in stainless steel (SS304).


The design of the Vielfraß® ECO in combination with a discharge container saves precious working time. Our discharge containers in sizes of 20, 30 or 40 m3 allow additional capacity. The various discharge containers, which can be docked to the left, right or both sides of the Vielfraß® as a double container, can be freely combined. The Vielfraß® Standard with 40 m3 double container allows a capacity of up to 90 m3.

Vielfraß® LEF

The Vielfraß® LEF is equipped with walking floor technology, which move the substrate in the feed hopper towards the cross-feeding screw and discharge screw. When developing the solids feeder, deliberate attention was paid to an energy-saving, robust and low-maintenance design. By installing special screws in the solids feeder, manure and less pre-treated substrates can also be fed. The Vielfraß® LEF can optionally be supplemented with a liquid feeding (PreMix unit) or high conveying technology.


The Vielfraß® ECO TOP 40 m³ is suitable for feeding from above. It is supplied with a discharge container with milling unit, an ascending screw conveyor and a tamping screw conveyor. Here, as well, the feed volume can be increased to 40 m³. With the Vielfraß® ECO TOP 40, the feedstock can be transported vertically and
added to the digester contents from above.


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