Plant control and regulating components

This special service is also particularly rewarded! Flexible biogas plants in balancing energy achieve significant additional revenues for this system service.

originals - built to las- since 2002

From the very beginning, the control of our systems has been very important. It is as elementary as the rudder of a ship.


System control and monitoring


The akCockpit web application is the complete solution for monitoring and controlling biogas plants. Process, feedstock and feeding quantity, gas quality, results of laboratory tests, CHP or biogas upgrading: akCockpit collects all important information about your plant at a glance and saves a lot of time. Target-performance comparisons and analyses of historical data facilitate the assessment of the technical and economic efficiency of your biogas plant.


akCockpit is easily accessible via a web browser and optimised for use on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.). You do not need to install any additional software. aKCockpit can simply be integrated into the operation of the plant, e.g. for entry or operating data acquisition directly at the respective component, for remote monitoring of the plant or for data analysis in the office.

Regulating components for interfaces


indispensable for direct marketing and
participation in balancing energy

components for the virtual power plant

The “energy pilot” is used to exchange data and control the feed-in power. It controls the CHPs, connects and coordinates the energy production with the virtual power plant of energy2market. The energy pilot is in constant contact with the database of the pool server and the virtual power plant, supplies them with the necessary data and translates the information to the control system of the connected units.

central control

The energy pilot serves as the central control for your CHP and is also the interface between the virtual power plant from energy2market and the CHP. It visualises all control-relevant parameters, processes and current control activities
of the CHP unit.

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