Agitators play a central role in biogas plants. They ensure equal mixing and temperature spreading of the digester load, an even supply of raw materials to the bacteria and that the biogas is stirred out of the substrate.

originals - built to las- since 2002

The “paddle” is one of our first own products and thus deserves the title “original”. Due to its high durability, there are rumors that the first paddle is still running today.


For demanding substrates!


The Paddelgigant® from agriKomp, which was already introduced to the market in 2002, is one of the most widely used agitators in biogas plants and has proven its high efficiency in numerous applications. The Paddelgigant ® is available for a wide variety of tanks, whether in different installation heights or also in different lengths of the agitator shaft.


The Paddelgigant® is a slow-running large agitator that mixes the substrate according to the tank size and the medium in the digester. The bacteria continuously receive new feed and the anaerobic degradation of biomass can proceed undisturbed. The Paddelgigant® was specially designed for structurally substrates and high dry matter contents. This opens up a wider range of feedstock for biogas plant operators and avoids the need for substrate preparation (shredding, chopping, etc.).

diving stead of paddling


For substrates with lower viscosity!

agriMix agitator


The agriMix submersible agitator was specially developed for agitating and homogenising substrates with lower viscosity. agriMix is particularly suitable for agitating the digestate storage or, in combination with a Paddelgigant®, for use in the main digester. Safety and durability as well as ease of maintenance were at the forefront of the development. This is ensured by the use of high-quality components, robust and proven technology and integrated monitoring systems.


In the technical design of the agriMix, the focus was on a flow-optimised agitator blade. This results in an optimal and energy-efficient transfer of the stirring energy into the liquid substrate. During operation, the agriMix is sunk into the substrate. The operating height of the agriMix can be adjusted to the fill level of the pit by means of a lifting device with a cable winch. The agitator is equipped with a plug system whose cable is laid in a protective tube. In case of maintenance, only the agitator itself needs to be removed.

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