Biogas Plants

The result of our more than 20 years of experience and development in biogas plant   and component construction: a large and varied component and plant portfolio.


Slurry | manure | small | farm biogas plant - our multitalent

agriSelect® –

agriSelect® – this is how we have christened our biogas plant with system. “Select” stands for carefully selected components paired with a wide range of choices. Brand components intelligently arranged and flexibly combinable. If you wish, also with your own contribution.

The compact biogas plant can be built in just a few weeks. Pre-assembled modules, turnkey technology and CHP container, unique Formprotect® tank construction system and the deployment of an experienced on-site supervisor ensure that the installation of the plant progresses quickly.


Standardised system configurations equipped with proven agriKomp brand technology are the foundation. You can configure your agriSelect® individually according to your needs with our proven agriKomp brand components and a wide range of additional packages and options:

Digester construction in Formprotect® design or conventional, Biolene® single-layer membrane or double membrane roof, CHP containers with various agriKomp CHP units of the BGA series, technical and intermediate space containers as well as submersible or paddle agitator. The visually appealing containers are of concrete construction and prefabricated and are therefore quickly ready for operation.


The agriSelect® can be operated with 100 % liquid manure. By upgrading the agriSelect with Vielfrass® solid feeder and Paddlegigant® paddle agitator, it can also be operated with solids (e.g. energy crops, agricultural residues, etc.) and even with 100 % manure.


What actually is
an Indi-Plant?

Our comprehensive component portfolio enables a wide range of different system configurations. The exclusive use of our proven components ensures model consistency. This gives you a high degree of security and the necessary flexibility. This is how individual biogas plants are created, tailored to the respective operational requirements.

Plant capacities from 55 kWel to 2.5 MWel and more are possible – whether with a CHP or an upgrading to biomethane.

We develop and manufacture an individual and highly economical solution for you that meets your vision and needs; the result is what we call an „Indi“ plant“.

Worldwide Plant-competence

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For slurry and solids: A compact and mobile power plant with everything already inside.

The mobile biogas plant

The special feature: its mobility makes it highly attractive for alternative financing solutions, such as leasing or investor models. The ready-to-use slurry plant, including the digester, is delivered by truck in a standard container and connected to the existing slurry system. We have made the generation of electricity from biogas even easier for you. Our slurry plant is a compact powerhouse with everything already inside. It allows you to quickly and efficiently utilize the monetary value of liquid manure and dung – without any major construction work. The strong remuneration for high manure percentages since the EEG 2014 make the generation of energy from biogas extremely profitable for livestock farms. By using the CHP waste heat, you additionally save heating costs.

Everything very simple

For the utilization of solids and NawaRo, it is equipped with the “Vielfraß Top” solids feed system. Residual gas potential can be efficiently utilized by means of a covered digestate storage system. A powerful, energy-saving paddle agitator ensures good mixing that is gentle on bacteria. With a sophisticated concept for heat recovery, around 40 – 50 % of the CHP waste heat is available for heating buildings. As with all biogas plants from agriKomp, only our cogeneration units are used to generate electricity. They stand for high availability and absolute reliability!

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