agriKomp offers you customised energy concepts for CHP applications. We develop
optimised CHP units with modern engine technology from renowned manufacturers.

AgriClean 150 – 600

Gas Pre-Treatment



The agriClean product range has the function of treating the gas produced in a biogas plant for utilisation in a CHP unit. The gas treatment can be used for the combustion gases biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. It is designed for outdoor operation, for continuous operation and, with constant flow, also frost-proof.

agriClean gas treating

Cooling module

Cooling of the biogas by separation of condensate

Pressure boosting and control module

Pressure boosting to the required operating pressure
for CHP, control and regulating system

Desulphurisation module

Removal of sulphur compounds and dust particles

Extensions & Service

With many service specialists, we are available to our customers for maintenance and servicing of their CHP on seven days of the week. Above all, technical on-call service at weekends and on public holidays is a matter of course for us and our service partners.

Comprehensive advice by telephone and in person ensures the operational availability of your CHP – unnecessary downtimes in the generation of heat and electricity are thus avoided.

For our qualified employees with many years of knowhow, your CHP unit is the focus of their daily business. Our sophisticated remote maintenance system also enables constant monitoring and evaluation of your CHP – regardless of how many kilometres are in between.

High flexibility and quick reaction in case of emergency – for us more than a promise!


If you want to be on the safe side, you can add a full maintenance contract to your CHP unit. Our CHP full maintenance contract guarantees you maximum investment protection and a high technical availability of 95 % of the CHP‘s annual hours as well as clearly calculable maintenance costs. Rely on our service experts for CHP units with dual fuel or gas engines. We currently support over 2.000 CHP units and are constantly expanding our service to be close to our customers. In the area of CHP repowering and expansion, our specialists will also be happy to provide you with advice and assistance in order to unlock the potential of your biogas plant.


Renew your unit (5-, 6- or 8-cylinder) with our clever upgrade variants to the new SCANIA DC09 and DC13 ETA. The performance-optimised ETA engines significantly improve the profitability of your biogas plant. „ETA“ stands for SCANIA engines that have been further developed by us and do not allow any compromises in terms of efficiency. In addition to complete conversion sets from dual fuel to Gas-Otto technology and exchange engines for the units listed below, we also offer you individual performance kits in order to be able to realise the higher efficiency even for customers who have alread converted to a newer SCANIA gas engine.


  • Measurement and storage of NOx emissions from CHP units
  • Manufacturer-independent surveillance system
  • Integration of existing NOx sensors possible
  • Supports up to 6 CHPs simultaneously
  • Alerts in case of operationally relevant malfunctions or exceeding of critical values
  • Simple operation via PC, tablet or mobile phone (network connection)
  • Quick and simple installation


Expand your CHP with our control components. By using our components for biogas plants, you get the most out of your plant. Keep an overview with our aKCockpit and “Energiepilot”.

aKCockpit Steuerung Laptop

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