Built to last

The holistic and visionary way of thinking of the company‘s founders Robert Bugar and Michael Engelhardt still decisively shape the agriKomp components for biogas plants today. The name agriKomp stands not only for efficient technologies, but also for innovation and practicality.

originals - built to las- since 2002

Pioneering systems such as the Paddelgigant® agitator or the Biolene® gas storage, which were introduced to the market in 2002, are just a few examples of brilliant engineering achievements from agriKomp research and development.

The agriKomp group develops and manufactures all essential components of a biogas plant in its own network. This guarantees absolute reliability and consistently excellent quality. Key components such as the Quetschprof separator, the Paddelgigant® agitator and the robust Vielfraß® feeding technology have set international standards in terms of stability, reliability and energy efficiency.


Agitators play a central role in biogas plants. They ensure equal mixing and temperature spreading of the digester load, an even supply of raw materials to the bacteria and that the biogas is stirred out of the substrate.

Vielfraß Fütterungstechnik

Feeding system

The feeding of digesters has a key role in the economic and efficient operation of a biogas plant. A safe and reliable – and for the respective biogas plant – optimal solids feeding can increase the gas yield. At the same time, it ensures lower energy consumption and reduces wear on agitators and pumps.


Considerable amounts of substrate are moved during the operation of biogas plants. By means of a solid/liquid partition (separation) of the digestate can achieve several advantages for the operator in terms of transport, storage and energy consumption.

Tank Construction System

Save yourself time and effort with the formwork system exclusively available from us for a wide variety of concrete structures! With the new system, containers up to a diameter of 40 metres and with wall thicknesses of approx. 5 – 30 cm are created in free design with a sophisticated technology and the highest demands.

gas storage

Flexible and efficient biogas plant operation is closely related to the storage of biogas. The biogas production in the digester is subject to fluctuations, especially if the biogas plant is operated in a flexible or demand-oriented mode.


The akCockpit web application is the complete solution for monitoring and controlling biogas plants. Process, feedstock and feeding quantity, gas quality, results of laboratory tests, CHP or biogas upgrading: akCockpit collects all important information about your plant at a glance and saves a lot of time.

Searching for CHP?

agriKomp offers you customized energy concepts for CHP applications. We develop optimized CHP units with modern engine technology from renowned manufacturers, such as SCANIA, in the small and medium power range.