Foundation of agriKomp Italia s.r.l.

agriKomp and Biemme Impianti found agriKomp Italia s.r.l.

After 3 years of successful cooperation, agriKomp and Biemme Impianti found agriKomp Italia s.r.l. With the establishment of the new company, the successful cooperation is further expanded and the company is optimally positioned for the future requirements of the Italian market. The proximity to the customers is to be further expanded.

In Italy, more than 120 agriKomp biogas plants are currently in operation. In order to further expand the maintenance and supply of original agriKomp components and spare parts for customers, agriKomp and BIEMME Impianti signed a partnership agreement in 2019.

A spare parts warehouse was set up in Italy and the Italian colleagues were intensively trained at agriKomp’s headquarters in Germany. Over time, service orders and spare parts orders turned into larger projects: from retrofit and repowering projects to enquiries about the construction of new plants or the conversion of existing biogas plants with on-site electricity generation to a biomethane feed-in.

Responding to market demand

The foundation of agriKomp Italia s.r.l. in February 2022 is a reaction to the increased demand in Italy for plants, components and service. This consequent step combines more than 20 years of biogas know-how with local presence and market knowledge.

“We are growing internationally and with local structures we can better meet the requirements of our customers. With the consolidation and expansion of the Italian activities, agriKomp has a strong local organisation in Italy. There are advantages on the market and especially on the customer side,” says Thomas Dreisbach (CSO at agriKomp).

“Our approach has always been to be culturally and regionally close to the customer and to have an in-depth understanding of the market. I am pleased that we are optimally positioned in Italy in terms of personnel and products and that we can respond to the demand in Italy directly and quickly.” Gernot Buchta (Head of Marketing) Gernot Buchta (Head of Marketing)

“The customer is our focus. We can now offer and realise the entire agriKomp portfolio and know-how in Italy. From planning and construction to a comprehensive after-sales service. We can now fully supply the current population of agriKomp plants in Italy with original parts and services. This saves the operator a lot of time and he has a local contact person who is very familiar with the technology.”

Massimo Cremaschini (Managing Director agriKomp Italia) adds.

In the new constellation, the first biogas plant has already been built and successfully commissioned. With access to the entire agriKomp know-how and network, the engagement in the field of new plant construction and the transformation of existing plants from biogas to biomethane will be expanded.