DLG Imagebarometer 2021

agriKomp holds fifth place in the DLG image barometer – Industry leader in the biogas sector

In the Image Barometer conducted by the DLG(Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft), the agriKomp brand againtook 5th placein the “Renewable Energies”category! Considering only the biogas sector, it continues to be the company with the best image in Germany!

In the annual DLG survey, German farmers are questioned by telephone regarding their brand perception. The brand index calculated in the process is made up equally of the four sub-areas of brand image, brand knowledge, brand performance and brand loyalty. A maximum total score of 100 points can be achieved.

In 2020, the agriKomp brand index has a value of 27.57 – thus holding the fifth place in the ranking. The top ten includes companies such as “Schnell Motoren” in 6th place and “MT-Energie” in 10th place. Places one to four are occupied by companies in the wind, solar and climate sectors, making agriKomp the brand with the best image in the biogas industry.

A look at the regions:

East:agriKomp holds steady in fifth place here, with a score of 28.86 in 2020.

West:after not appearing among the rankings in 2019, agriKomp has taken tenth place in 2020 with a score of 25.37

North:In 2020, agriKomp does not appear among the companies placed.

Süden:Mit einem Wert von 33,00 ist die agriKomp auf den ersten Platz der Unternehmen aufgestiegen und damit in ihrer großartigen Markenpräsenz bestätigt.

Through the placement and the great results, the brand maintenance, brand awareness and the quality of the products are confirmed. It is always communicated at eye level and solid values are conveyed. But there will be no resting on that in the future – they are already working diligently on the implementation of new ideas.

Together with the farmers, the operators, you, but also together with all employees of the company agriKomp, the area of “renewable energies” shall be further advanced in the future. According to the motto “Strong together”.