individual plant Niederbettingen, Germany

individual plant Niederbettingen, Germany

Operator: Blum-Biogas GmbH & Co. KG | Comissioned: 2010
Extensions: 2012 | Installed capacity: 500 kWel

The local heating network belonging to the plant was planned and executed by agriKomp. It is one of the largest and technically most sophisticated heating networks ever built by agriKomp. During construction, a fiber optic network was also made available for faster internet connections for the entire village.

Cattle slurry20 m³ / day
grass silage2 t / day
Corn silage18 t / day
Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Power4,2 Mio. kWh/a
Heat3,7 Mio. kWh/a
plant extensions
House connectionsca. 100
Route lengthca. 5.500 meters
Biomass boiler850 kWth
Buffer storage2 pieces à 25 m³
Drying plant350 kWth
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Aggregat2 pieces à 250 kW
thereof expansion in 20121 piece à 250 kW
Fermenter on two fermentation lines4 piece
Main fermenter2 pieces à 2.500 m³
Secondary fermenter2 pieces à 2.950 m³
Vielfraß® Top1 piece à 40 m³
Paddelgigant®5 pieces
Biolene5 pieces

Data from the year 2016