Güllewerk Bönningstedt, Germany

Güllewerk Bönningstedt, Germany

Operator: Thomas Witt
Comissioned: 2013 | installed capacity: 75 kWel

Operator opinion on the plant:

Thomas Witt: “I’m impressed by the amount of energy generated from slurry, manure and the residual materials from my farm. It’s a well-rounded overall concept.”

Cattle slurry10 m³ / day
Cattle manure4 t / day
gras silage0,5 t / day
Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Power637.000 kWh/a
Heat utilizationUse for the residential house and as process heat for the plant
Vielfraß® Top1 piece à 7 m³
Paddelgigant®1 Piece in Güllewerk
Biolene2 pieces
Kocher1 Piece in Güllewerk
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Aggregat1 piece à 75 kW
Nachgärer1 piece à 2.550 m³

Data from the year 2016