individual plant Timmaspe, Germany

individual plant Timmaspe, Germany

Operator: Dirk Delfs | Comissioned: 2011 | Installed capacity: 150 kWel

Dairy farm with 270 dairy cows plus offspring, single-stage system without corn silage. Special feature: A single paddle giant stirs up an 18 m tank.

Operator opinion on the plant:
“When buying a tractor, I wouldn’t know the brand I would choose today. For biogas, I would immediately take agriKomp again. Above all, the “Paddelgigant”, “Vielfraß”, the CHP and the wooden beam ceiling have convinced me.”

grass silage2,2 t / day
Solid Manure1,4 t / day
Cattle slurry25 m³ / day
Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Power1,3 Mio. kWh/a
Heat utilizationWärmenutzung: Nahwärmenetz Betriebs- und Wohngebäude
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Zündstrahl-Aggregat1 piece à 150 kW
Fermenter1 piece à 1.520 m³
CHP in container
Vielfraß® Top1 pieces mit 7 m³
Paddelgigant®1 piece
Biolene1 piece
plant extensions
Flexibilization to 415 kW (150 kW rated power) being planned

Data from the year 2016