individual plant Urbach, Germany

individual plant Urbach, Germany

Operator: Bioenergie Rube GbR, Hans und Steffen Rube
Comissioned: 2013 | Installed capacity: 290 kWel

Since April 2014, part of the waste heat from the biogas plant has been used in conjunction with a Lauber energy utilization center TYPE Lenz 150 to dry firewood, wood chips or other air-permeable bulk materials in drying containers.

Farm with 65 dairy cows and 70 females for offspring. As a second mainstay, the decision was made for a biogas plant. The liquid and solid manure produced on the farm is completely fermented and refined in the biogas plant. In addition, grass silage, corn silage and whole plant silage are used. “The company agriKomp convinced us with individual planning, high electrical efficiency of the CHP and optimal agitation technology in the tanks.” Translated with (free version)

Cattle slurry30 %
Cattle manure10 %
grass silage25 %
whole-crop-silage an feed remains10 %
Corn silage25 %
Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Powerca. 2,5 Mio. kWh/a
Heatca. 2,3 Mio. kWh/a
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Gas-Otto-Aggregat1 piece à 290 kW
Main und post fermenter2 piece à 20 x 6 m
digestate storage1 piece 25 x 6 m
Vielfraß FA1 piece à 40 m³
Paddelgigant®3 pieces
Biolene3 pieces
Kocher1 piece
Energiepilot1 piece

Data from the year 2016