agriSelect Zeulenroda, Germany

agriSelect Zeulenroda, Germany

Operator: Agrarprodukte Bernsgrün – Hohndorf eG
Comissioned: 2015 | Installed capacity: 75 kWel

Two agriSelect plants were built for the operator Agrarprodukte Bernsgrün-Hohndorf eG. One of these plants is located in Arnsgrün and the second in Hohndorf. The small plant in Arnsgrün is operated with 100% slurry and manure from the adjacent peacock farm. 100% manure from the adjacent young cattle facility is operated by agriSelect in Hohndorf. The liquid phase of the pressed material, which is produced by the crusher, is partially returned to the fermenter.

Plant Arnsgrün
Solid Manure7 t / day
Manure2 m³ / day
Plant Hohndorf
Cattle manure9 t/ day
Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Power624.150 kWh/a per plant
Heat utilization748.980 kWh/a per plant
The generated heat is used to heat the barn units.
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Gas-Otto-Aggregat1 pieces à 75 kW per plant
Fermenter1 pieces with 16 m x 6 m
Vielfraß1 pieces with 10 m³ per plant
Paddelgigant®1 piece per plant
Formprotect2 pieces per plant
Biolene2 pieces per plant
Quetschprofi1 piece

Data from the year 2016