Biogas technology: we know what we're talking about.

Specialists - from start to finish.

Innovation, Conviction... and Courage!

It’s thanks to the holistic and visionary thinking of agriKomp’s founders, Robert Bugar and Michael Engelhardt, that the company now stands out as an international leader in Biomass technology. Our love of innovation stretches back to the first mobile biogas plant, known as the Gullewerk, and includes examples of brilliant engineering such as the Paddelgigant agitator. We’re known for our ground-breaking systems, efficient technology and on-going levels of service.

Constant Continuity

All our essential components are designed and manufactured in-house, guaranteeing absolute reliability and consistent quality. Key components, such as the flexible gas store (Biolene®), the paddle agitator (Paddelgigant®) and the robust feeding technology (Vielfraß®) have set international standards with respect to stability, reliability and energy efficiency.


It only takes a relatively short time to build a biogas plant but our relationship with you will last for decades. Great service is what you should expect from us, and that’s what we give, plus stable technology, reliability and the promise of continuous development, all aimed at ensuring your long-term profitability.

"If you wish to stay ahead you must be innovative, have reliable and efficient products in your portfolio and also provide a secure service. This requires dedicated people and solid engineering“, says Robert Bugar.