- efficient trace element mixture!

Fermaxx is a mixture of various trace elements that, if used properly, results in a clear improvement in the fermentation process. Any trace element deficiencies identified in the digester can be quickly eliminated and the biological process stabilised.

aufzaehlung Stabilisation of the fermentation process
aufzaehlung Increase in efficiency of the biogas plant
aufzaehlung Fast elimination of trace element deficiencies
aufzaehlung Improved stirring and pumping of digestate
aufzaehlung Individual dosing instructions

Operating principle

The biological processes occurring in a biogas plant are very complex and take place in several steps. Each step involves a variety of micro-organisms each with their own needs in terms of ambient conditions. The bottleneck in the production of biogas is always the methane-forming micro-organisms that act in the last stages of biogas formation.

Only if optimum conditions exist can these micro-organisms provide top performance. It has been proven scientifically and demonstrated in practice that trace elements play a central role in achieving this. They are required both for building enzymes and co-substrates, and to promote the diverse redox reactions needed. That's where Fermaxx trace elements come in! Thanks to Fermaxx’ ingenious formulation the micro-organisms are fed all the essential elements they need to ensure that nothing can stop the efficient fermentation of the digestate.

Recommendation for use

Recognise the symptoms and want to use Fermaxx trace elements? No problem! Just send us a sample from your digester and we analyse your trace element situation quickly and simply. To avoid any risk of an over dose, we will send you a personalised recommendation - tailored specifically to your plant.


Fermaxx trace elements are delivered in practical 10 kg bags that can be fed directly to the dosing unit.


Store in a dry place at normal ambient temperatures.
Packing: 10 kg fermentable bags
Use: for use in biogas plants