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Excellent Biogas service

- a comprehensive one-stop service you can rely on!

Assuming a biogas plant-life of 20 years minimum, it becomes clear how significant a reliable service partner is to guarantee successful on-going operating results.

In the long term it’s high-quality engineering, reliable biogas service and continuous updates that will ensure profitability of your biogas plant, and as far as updates are concerned, at agriKomp we think of these as being not only technical and biological innovations and improvements, but as important foundation stones for the future development and implementation of our employees’ know-how.

Thoroughly trained specialists
– highly motivated!

Many of our staff are from the agricultural community, or are closely tied to it. They are fully supportive of renewable energy and the opportunities that this brings to rural regions.

We place a special emphasis on everyone working at agriKomp having the widest possible experience and knowledge of every part of the process and manufacture of a biogas plant, not just their own specialist area. We also promote and attend seminars and training programmes whenever and wherever possible.


Oil heater units

Oil heater units

These boiler units are used at commissioning of a biogas plant to heat up the initial slurry / digestate  seeding the plant.  Alternatively, they can be used in case of a major breakdown caused by biological failure or equipment failure to maintain the temperature levels in the digester whilst repairs are being undertaken.  The unit is connected directly to the plant heating circuit, has its own circulation pump, thermostatic heat controls, uses standard heating oil to fuel it, all units have built in 1,000 litre oil tank.

We have four units available;

  • 2 x 90kW
  • 1x130kW
  • 1x170kW

The 170kW unit has two oil tanks.

Please call our service department on 0121 374 2610 or email the head office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further enquiries

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