FormProtect - Vessel Construction System


– the modular container system!

agriKomp concentrates on meeting the individual needs of its customers, developing solutions that precisely fit. This includes a modular digester system built using high quality PVC modules that simply slot together to form a complete plant. 

FormProtect® is quite unlike any conventional construction in that, in contrast to pouring concrete, the formwork is preserved as cladding, reducing construction time, the proven and tested PVC modules forming a firm and stable structure, perfect for the job at hand.

Why FormProtect® ?

  • Cutting edge in both concept and design
  • No need to apply an extra coat or to waterproof the panels - concrete and weather protection are already integrated.
  • Formwork is constructed from chemical-resistant plastic boards - watertight and fully gas and acid-resistant.
  • Outer wall does not need to be insulated, panelled with wood or painted.
  • No problems installing insulation, simply insert between the concrete and external formwork.
  • The existing plastic grate simplifies installation of the construction steel.
  • All Octaform vessels are equipped with built-in leak detection function by default.
  • Formwork can be installed in all weathers.
  • Low panel weight reduces transport costs.
  • Designed to keep rodents out of the insulation.


Step 1: Base plate
Steel fibre concrete poured over the vessel floor. The joints between floor and wall are sealed w ith joint tape and sealant.

Step 2: Scaffolding
Internal scaffold erected.

Step 3: Construction of the walls
Panels attached to real size stencils to achieve a modular construction. A clever combination of panels allows nearly all vessel sizes to be built.

Step 4: Insulation
Once the inner ring is closed, steel bar reinforcement is added and the outer shell is enclosed step by step. Insulation is then inserted and wall ducts installed. The vessel is now ready for concrete.

Step 5: Pouring the concrete
The final step in the basic construction of the biogas plant.


We offer full and partial assembly. Just ask!

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