biolene gasspeicher


– flexible gas storage!

Flexible and efficient biogas plant operation is closely connected with the storage of the biogas. Our Biolene® biogas storage membrane is a gas storage and vessel cover in one unit.  It offers a highly efficient and economical solution for small agricultural and industrial biogas plants.

Acting as both container and exterior places high demands for resistance to weather. Biolene® is made from high quality EPDM rubber. The material is characterised by longevity, an extremely good UV and ozone stability, low methane losses and high elasticity.  It adapts to the volume of gas stored and is thus ideal for modern, flexible electricity generation.

The volume of gas being stored will constantly fluctuate depending on production, CHPS output or due to maintenance. The need for highly flexible storage is obvious…but is not always catered for, the result being that the CHPS is poorly utilised and biogas has to be burnt unused. It’s vital to continually measure filling levels to optimise use, and that’s no problem with Biolene®, because filling levels can always be clearly seen and monitored.

Biolene’s® wooden beam and planked ceiling provides a large surface, perfect for populating with sulphur bacteria. The gas can be treated cost-efficiently and reliably in this way.

Biolene® ...

  • allows high CHPS utilisation due to its large gas capacity
  • allows filling levels to be checked at a glance
  • reduces the cost of economical gas storage
  • uses a profile seal and inherent pressure to guarantee reliable sealing and high safety levels
  • is simple and cost-efficient to install

DLG FokusTest award

Rely on the experts! The excellent properties of Biolene® were confirmed by a DLG FokusTest. The test focused in particular on "methane permeability and tensile strength at break" (DIN 53504 Tensile strength at break, DIN 53380 Gas transmission rate).

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