BGA222 agriKomp

Biogas Engine BGA222

350 kWel - reliable and solid!

The large, stable and reliable biogas unit series 222 is the dinosaur among the combined heat and power engines. The strong and powerful series has been appreciated by agriKomp customers since 2008 and is often installed in the power class of 350 kWel . The combined heat and power units have not only established themselves in Germany, but also internationally on large agricultural farms and have proven their worth. They are extremely profitable, supply entire communities with electricity and heat and are extremely maintenance-friendly.


The BGA222 series consists of a robust 12 cylinder V-engine, which guarantees a long service life. Due to continuous further development, the unit is trimmed for optimized performance and high availability. Perfected sensor technology enables the temperature of each cylinder to be monitored.


electric thermic electric
BGA222/300 300 kW 350 kW 36,3%
BGA222/350 350 kW 400 kW 37,5%


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