Biogas Engine BGA 095

- Resistant with 9 litres capacity!

The BGA095/100 is our robust and economical unit in the low power range. It has an advanced 5-cylinder in-line engine and is optimized for the best possible performance and availability. The sophisticated in-line engine impresses with its low maintenance requirements.

Our new BHKW aggregate series BGA095 is characterised by its outstanding advantages. The new and technically mature SCANIA 5-cylinder in-line engine is designed for durability and performance. As with all Scania engines, you can count on low maintenance and very good spare parts availability. All components, including the remote maintenance and monitoring device, are mounted on a frame.


electric thermic electrical
BGA095/100 100 kW 120 kW 35,9%
BGA095/120 120 kW 151 kW 36,2%
BGA095/150 150 kW 174 kW 36,6%

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