CHP units

- with strong partners!

An efficient conversion of the biogas produced into electricity is decisive for the profitability of the plant. We therefore rely exclusively on well-known manufacturers. The use of robust, durable and reliable pilot injection and a biogas engine with high efficiency has always paid dividends for our customers due to high disposability.


BGA 086
– Indestructible thanks to 8 litres displacement!


The robust and reliable biogas unit series 086 (BGA086) for the small output range has been a proven and frequently used agrikomp development since 2014. Find out more!


Biogas Engine CHP BGA095 from the company agriKomp


BGA 095
– Resistant with 9 litres capacity!


The BGA095/100 is our robust and economical unit in the low power range. It has an advanced 5-cylinder in-line engine and is optimized for the best possible performance and availability. The sophisticated in-line engine impresses with its low maintenance requirements.
Find out more!



BGA 136
– robust and stable!


With the biogas aggregate series 136, which has been developed since 2016, agriKomp has introduced an extremely important and sought-after performance range in the mid-range segment. Find out more!



– reliable and solid!


The large, stable and reliable biogas unit series 222 is the dinosaur among the combined heat and power engines. Since 2008, the strong and powerful series has been appreciated by agriKomp customers and is popular in the power class of 350 kWel built in. Find out more!



– Powerful 12 cylinder MAN engine!


The powerful unit from our portfolio convinces with its stable and robust design. Due to its space-saving 12-cylinder V-engine and very good availability, it is a frequently chosen CHP unit in the medium power range. Find out more!


Advantages of our CHP units

  • Engines with high displacement - little maintenance required
  • Robust and extremely reliable technology
  • highest availability
  • low maintenance costs
  • Spare and wear parts quickly available
  • Individual CHP solutions (also in existing machine houses)
  • Completely pre-installed CHP units (container solutions)
  • Optimum sound absorption
  • Fast installation and operational readiness
  • Reliable and fast service around your CHP unit

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