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Robust and reliable biogas technology is vital for economic success, and at the heart of this is a stable environment for fermentation. The truth is that when technology reaches its limit nature, and specifically biological processes, has much more to contribute, and all the results collected from analyses and fermentation experiments in over 600 biogas plants have indicated that there is much more gas, and thus revenue, in the digester than we have exploited so far.

How do we know? Because we check the performance of our biogas laboratory. We participate regularly in inter-laboratory tests conducted by the German Institute of Agriculture (Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft) in Freising. This cutting edge experimental and analysis laboratory allows you to enjoy the benefit of the entire spectrum of relevant examinations and tests to support you in operating your biogas system at maximum profitability.

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- a comprehensive one-stop service you can rely on!

Assuming a biogas plant-life of 20 years minimum, it becomes clear how significant a reliable service partner is to guarantee successful on-going operating results.

In the long term it’s high-quality engineering, reliable biogas service and continuous updates that will ensure profitability of your biogas plant, and as far as updates are concerned, at agriKomp we think of these as being not only technical and biological innovations and improvements, but as important foundation stones for the future development and implementation of our employees’ know-how.

Thoroughly trained specialists
– highly motivated!

Many of our staff are from the agricultural community, or are closely tied to it. They are fully supportive of renewable energy and the opportunities that this brings to rural regions.

We place a special emphasis on everyone working at agriKomp having the widest possible experience and knowledge of every part of the process and manufacture of a biogas plant, not just their own specialist area. We also promote and attend seminars and training programmes whenever and wherever possible.


Oil heater units

Oil heater units

These boiler units are used at commissioning of a biogas plant to heat up the initial slurry / digestate  seeding the plant.  Alternatively, they can be used in case of a major breakdown caused by biological failure or equipment failure to maintain the temperature levels in the digester whilst repairs are being undertaken.  The unit is connected directly to the plant heating circuit, has its own circulation pump, thermostatic heat controls, uses standard heating oil to fuel it, all units have built in 1,000 litre oil tank.

We have four units available;

  • 2 x 90kW
  • 1x130kW
  • 1x170kW

The 170kW unit has two oil tanks.

Please call our service department on 0121 374 2610 or email the head office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further enquiries

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- more bite through Enzymaxx!

Increase fermentation with Enzymaxx

The fermentation of highly fibrous material challenges both technology and biology, with methane bacteria sometimes working against each other as they ferment solid manure or grass. Any digestate with a high dry matter content will need more time to ferment, and it will be necessary to stir continually to remove obstacles and avoid the formation of crusts.

In Enzymaxx our laboratory has developed a mixture of enzymes and bacteria that accelerates the decomposition of organic material and exploits it to the full.

Enzymaxx’s main effect is in reducing the viscosity of the digester content, resulting in increased flow and easier handling, stirring intervals can be reduced, ammonia formation and nitrogen losses are lessened and the value of the digestate as a fertiliser is increased.

aufzaehlung Improves flow: stirring time reduced
aufzaehlung Less floating films and incrustation
aufzaehlung Prevents obstruction in the pumping system
aufzaehlung Accelerates decomposition of organic substance 


And for all who want to know the exact details...

Enzymaxx works because of the combination of selected bacterial strains with a powerful enzyme mix. It contains the extremely resistant bacteria of the Bacillus genus (Bacillus subtilis, B. licheniformis, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. megaterium, B. pumilus) that are active aerobically or anaerobically and cover a wide pH range from 5.0 to 9.0 and a temperature range of 10 to 55° Celsius. These bacteria produce enzymes that decompose plant-based and other organic residues such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats from the digestate in your biogas plant. Due to the production of the enzyme glutamate dehydrogenase, and both glutamine and glutamate synthetase, the bacteria assimilate ammonia nitrogen and thus reduce the formation of ammonia.

In addition, the added enzymes cellulase, hemicellulase, pentosanase, β-glucanase, protease, amylase and lipase support the decomposition of the digestate, mainly at the beginning of the use, ensuring good establishment of the microorganisms.

Decomposition is then continued by the bacteria.


Standardised technology:

– reliable supply!

When it comes to using technology, we prioritise solid quality and durability. The high level of standardisation across our plants and components ensures the long-term availability of spare part centralised warehousing making everything available quickly and easily from the tiniest screw to a full CHPS.



- efficient trace element mixture!

Fermaxx is a mixture of various trace elements that, if used properly, results in a clear improvement in the fermentation process. Any trace element deficiencies identified in the digester can be quickly eliminated and the biological process stabilised.

aufzaehlung Stabilisation of the fermentation process
aufzaehlung Increase in efficiency of the biogas plant
aufzaehlung Fast elimination of trace element deficiencies
aufzaehlung Improved stirring and pumping of digestate
aufzaehlung Individual dosing instructions

Operating principle

The biological processes occurring in a biogas plant are very complex and take place in several steps. Each step involves a variety of micro-organisms each with their own needs in terms of ambient conditions. The bottleneck in the production of biogas is always the methane-forming micro-organisms that act in the last stages of biogas formation.

Only if optimum conditions exist can these micro-organisms provide top performance. It has been proven scientifically and demonstrated in practice that trace elements play a central role in achieving this. They are required both for building enzymes and co-substrates, and to promote the diverse redox reactions needed. That's where Fermaxx trace elements come in! Thanks to Fermaxx’ ingenious formulation the micro-organisms are fed all the essential elements they need to ensure that nothing can stop the efficient fermentation of the digestate.

Recommendation for use

Recognise the symptoms and want to use Fermaxx trace elements? No problem! Just send us a sample from your digester and we analyse your trace element situation quickly and simply. To avoid any risk of an over dose, we will send you a personalised recommendation - tailored specifically to your plant.


Fermaxx trace elements are delivered in practical 10 kg bags that can be fed directly to the dosing unit.


Store in a dry place at normal ambient temperatures.
Packing: 10 kg fermentable bags
Use: for use in biogas plants